woofed at me in an unthreatening manner and chased after me as I left in a half hearted way. Three years later and I am sure that the same dog was again on guard. He woofed at me again, wagged his tail, and then sat down in the middle of the main road oblivious to everything before finally ambled off in the direction of Luddington.  Loved the "Chicken Crossing" sign, pictured below, which I saw at the edge of the village. This is very rural...and nothing wrong with that at all!

   There was no church mentioned at Thurning at the time of the Domesday Survey in 1086. However, by the middle of the 12th Century there was a church here, which consisted of a chancel and an aisleless nave. A north aisle was added in or around 1190, and the nave was lengthened in 1300. The bell tower and spire were added in the 15th century.

   Much restoration was undertaken here in Voctorian times. In 1880–81 a great part of the structure was taken down and rebuilt as nearly as possible in accordance with the previous design, only the chancel, nave arcades, south aisle wall, and the porch being left standing; the chancel was restored in 1902. Externally therefore the whole of the north and west sides of the building, as well as the tower and clearstory, is modern, but it appears to have replaced work of the 15th century.

    There are two bells hanging in the bell tower in the curiously slender tower. The smaller of the two bells was a recasting by Taylor of Loughborough in 1899 of a medieval bell which bore the inscription: 'Dei genetrix, Virgo Maria, ora pro nobis.' The larger bell has four pairs of letters, which might be part of an alphabet, with the founder being unknown...

    The church here is normally to be found locked, but I saw inside on a return visit a few weeks later and had a quick look around. Was very impressed with the gallery pictured below left. I am assuming that this is a Victorian construction, certainly the decoration on it looked to be Victorian.


Thurning cockrel Thurning exterior 1

Well, it is always nice to meet up with old friends. This was my second visit to Thurning, a small village not far from Barnwell in Northamptonshire. My previous visit was on Easter Sunday 2007 and on that visit a black dog came out of the house opposite the church

Thurning pinnacle flowers Thurning porch carving Thurning tower Thurning exterior from west Thurning grave 2 Thurning doorway

It was very dark inside, due to how dull it was outside, and my photographs of the interior suffered a little as a result. As someone who is interested in stone carvings though I was very interested in an unfinished carving over a doorway. There should have been a head on each side of the doorway. There is a head carved out on the left hand side but the original block of stone, untouched, can still be seen on the right hand side. Please see photograph second down on the right.

   The font is very ancient, I believe dating back to the 13th century. It was partially covered when I visited, but it is plain, and of octagonal design.

    The church grounds are well kept, and have a few very nicely carved headstones going back to Georgian times. Some superior quality work to be seen here, albeit much of it very weathered. 

   There is an interesting rockery on the north side, with a few pinnacle stones scattered around, with beautiful Spring plants growing around them.

   Inside the porch I was  interested to see names and dates carved in to the stonework. Just goes to show that graffiti is not a purely modern day occurrence!  I was particularly interested to see the date of 1654 carved in to the porch, with the figure "4" carved the wrong way round.

  I enjoyed my stay here. This really is a delightful area, and if you are looking to visit here one day then you might look up "Thurning Feast" on the internet and arrange a visit around that. I was told that around 3,000 people visited the feast in 2010, not bag going for a village of some 100 people!

Thurning chickens crossing Thurning stone heads Thurning unfinished carving Thurning Gallery Thurning font