Wildlife Photographs

Whilst I have been out and about taking photographs for this site, and when out photographing churches which are not in the catchment area of this site, I have had the occasional brush with wildlife. The sheep as Castor are always there, being used all year round to keep the grass down in between the graves. However, others were unscheduled such as the fast moving grass snake at Steeple Gidding (sadly so fast moving that I couldn't get a photo of it!) and the magnificent Red Kite who invaded one of my photographs of the exterior of the same church on the same afternoon. My favourites are Dragonflies. Fast moving and hard to photograph but occasionally one will sit still for a few minutes in front of you! So, this page features a few wildlife shots, which I hope that you enjoy.

Barnack horse Butterfly Ramsey Castor churchyard Castor sheep and sunshine Cotterstock blackbird Harringworth peacock resize Luddington sheep Stanion gargoyle Steeple Gidding with Red Kite TANSOR chickens Thurning chickens crossing Dragonfly 2.jpg resize Dragonfly 3

The two pictures above were both taken at Fletton, on a gloriously sunny afternoon. Two gradonflies settled in front of me and were quite content to settle there for a few minutes whilst I run off some photographs.

Above left, a Peacock strolls very slowly across the main road in front of the church at Harringworth. Above right, inquisitive lambs at Luddington in the Brook.

Red Kite at Steeple Gidding. I would like to say that I waited for the Red Kite to come in to shot...but that would be lying! I didn't know that I had photographed this until I got home and looked at it on my computer!

Dove and gargoyle at Stanion near to Corby.

Above left and chickens in the church grounds at Tansor near to Oundle. Above right....you have been warned!!! Home made sign at Thurning, East Northants.

Baby Squirrel.jpg resize

Above left, horse at Barnack near Stamford. Above right, a real rarity...a baby squirrel at Spaldwick near to Huntingdon. I had never even seen a baby squirrel before, let alone get close enough to photograph one!

Above left, sheep at Castor. Above right, a beautiful summer butterfly at Ramsey.

Above left, Blackbird on porch carvings at Cotterstock. Above right, pigeon huddled up against the biting cold two days before Christmas 2006. That day truly was perishingly cold!